Top 13 Badass Sportsmen Images that Gone Historic

#1 Kim Clijsters



Kim Clijsters, in 2009, came out of retirement and reclaimed this U. S. Open title which the lady picked up four years back. Here, Clijsters is revealed celebrating the title having her 18-month old daughter, Jada (probably the reason she retired in the first place).


#2 England National Football Team


In 1966, England’s national football team attained something which they had not performed prior to. and haven’t been able to do since- win the World Cup. It brought the continent collectively and this also is just about the most well-known photos with activity and also definitely essentially the most iconic in this distinct event.

#3 Muhammad Ali Knocks Cleveland Williams 


This is a actually incredible picture, also from 1966 which was taken from above as Muhammad Ali knocked out Cleveland Williams in Houston, Texas. It shows Ali raising his hands to the crowd as Williams is strewn across the ground unresponsive. A very interesting, high-quality picture through the battle.

#4 Babe Ruth


This image shows baseball icon Babe Ruth bowing out after his final game in front of thousands of adoring fans and his team. He has been a renowned gamer along with probably the most precious sports persons in history.

#5 Michael Jordan


Jordan takes off from the free throw line and soars to a perfect score of 50 to defeat Dominique Wilkins in the finals of the Slam Dunk Contest. It was the second straight title for the Bulls star, and the 1988 contest is widely considered the best ever because of the duel between Jordan and Wilkins.

#6 United States Ice Hockey Win 


This impossible was attained, and yes it has been time for it to celebrate. The United States upset the unbeatable Soviet Union 4-3 on Mike Eruzione’s game-winning goal to finish Miracle on Ice and advance to the gold medal game (which it also won).


#7 Roger Federer


Tennis legend Roger Federer breaks down after a tight final with UK’s Andy Murray, here he cemented himself as one of tennis’ greats once more.


#8 Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali yelling at Sonny Liston to get back up on his feet at the end of their 2nd fight. Liston controversially went down to the mat from a punch that most people ringside did not see. Even Ali himself was unsure if he had hit him cleanly. It became known as “the phantom punch.”

#9 Bobby Orr


Hall of Fame defenseman Bobby Orr flying through the air from being tripped after scoring the game and championship winning goal in Game 4 of the 1970 Stanley Cup Finals.

#10 Curt Schilling


Close up of Curt Schilling’s bloody sock during Game 6 of the 2004 American League Championship Series. Schilling was pitching on an injured ankle. The Boston Red Sox won the game to force a seventh and deciding game against their arch rivals, the New York Yankees. They won Game 7 and the series, becoming the first MLB team to ever come back from a three-games-to-none deficit. The Red Sox ended up going on to win their first World Series since 1918.

#11 Bill Buckner


Bill Buckner’s famous error in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. With the Boston Red Sox leading the series 3 games to 2 and the scored tied in extra innings, a slow rolling ground ball was hit by Mookie Wilson towards Buckner. Normally a routine out, the ball rolled through Buckner’s legs, allowing the New York Mets to score the game winning run. The Mets went on to win Game 7 and the World Series and Buckner became one of the biggest scapegoats in baseball history.

#12 Roger Bannister


Roger Bannister crossing the finish line at Oxford University’s Iffey Road Track to become the first man to ever run a sub 4-minute mile with a time of 3 minutes 59.4 seconds.

#13 Tommie Smith


Black Power salutes at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. American runners Tommie Smith and John Carlos silently protest racial inequality in the US after winning gold and bronze in the 200 meter race.


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